DFG funding for lexicography

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This morning, on 10.11.21, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) announced the funding of Prof. Dr. Stefan Schierholz’s research project “Zur Theorie des lexikographischen Prozesses. Funktionen und Aufgaben des professionellen Lexikographen” (On the theory of the lexicographic process. Functions and tasks of the professional lexicographer). The project is focused on the skills and competences of professional lexicographers, in particular on their cognitive and hermeneutically guided decisions, which are to be recorded and systematised against the backdrop of automatically generated and generatable lexicographic information. Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder and EMLex graduate Konan Jean-Mermoz Kouassi played a major role in the conception of the project and will take a leading role in this research project from 2022.