Start of EMLex lecture series

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On 20.04.2021, the public EMLex lecture series of the 2021 summer term started in Erlangen. Prof. Dr. h.c. Dmitrij O. Dobrovol’skij from the Russian Academy of Sciences gave a presentation on „Idiomatisierte Konstruktionen verschiedener Typen in einem zweisprachigen Wörterbuch“ (en. ‘idiomatised constructions of various types in a bilingual dictionary’). The exciting and excellent lecture was followed by a vivid discussion, in which also the EMLex students took part. The students of the Herbert Ernst Wiegand cohort also were among the almost 50 listeners from eight countries around the world. Spontaneous reactions to the lecture in the Zoom chat: “That was great! Thank you.”, “Thank you for an interesting and clearly presented lecture.”

The organisers are happy that the prelude to the lecture series turned out so well, and Erlangen sends a warm thank you to Moscow.

Stefan Schierholz