Virtual meeting of the Herbert Ernst Wiegand cohort regarding the EMLex 2021 summer term in Erlangen

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On Friday the 4th of December, the students of the Herbert Ernst Wiegand cohort have virtually met with the Erlanger Summer term organisation team and the Erasmus Mundus coordinator of the program Prof. Dr. Stefan Schierholz to get to know each other and discuss important matters regarding the upcoming EMLex summer term in Erlangen. All the students of the new cohort, which come from 14 different countries, will stay and study in Erlangen together for a whole semester. The organisation team Arta Ademaj, Sölve Lorenzen, Andreas Ritsert, Wiebke Blanck, Christian Rink and Stefan Schierholz hope that we all will be able to meet in person and not just virtually. Nevertheless, every meeting and come together will be held with all nesessary safety precautions.