Writing entry for the Dictionnaire Étymologique Roman

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One of the defining features of the EMLex curriculum is that the students get to participate in lexicographic projects. For example, five articles of the third volume of the “Dictionnaire Étymologique Roman” (“DÉRom 3”), recently published by the publishing house De Gruyter in Berlin, were compiled by EMLex students:

*/arˈiet‑e/ m.n. ‘ram’ (by Elena, Laura, Malina, and Zhazi from the Igor Mel’čuk class; pages 275-281);

*/ˈɡland‑e/ f.n. ‘acorn’ (by Ângela from the Igor Mel’čuk class; pages 335-339);

*/molˈton‑e/ m.n. ‘ram’ (by Nick, Polya, Toma, and Žanete from the Samuel Linde class; pages 379-387);

*/ˈpɪr‑u/2 n.n. ‘pear’ (by Clarissa from the Igor Mel’čuk class; pages 418-421);

*/ˈrusk‑a/ f.n. ‘bark’ (by Marie-Thérèse from the Jerónimo Cardoso class and Amélie, Junior, Pauline, and Yomna from the Éva Ruzsiczky class; pages 437-452).

Congratulations to Amélie, Ângela, Clarissa, Elena, Junior, Laura, Nick, Malina, Marie-Thérèse, Pauline, Polya, Toma, Yomna, Žanete, and Zhazi: may you inspire the students from the Tullio De Mauro class and from the María Moliner class!