EMLex participated at Asialex and Afrilex

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The EMLex team participated successfully at the conferences Asialex in Istanbul and Afrilex in Windhoek, to report to the lexicographical academic community about the European Master in Lexicography. In Turkey were present Prof. Dr. Rufus Gouws (Stellenbosch) and Christian Rink (EMLex office) and in Namibia Prof. Dr. Schierholz (FAU), Prof. Dr. Nied Curcio (R3U), Prof. Dr. Dominguez Vazquez (USC), Prof. Dr. Rufus Gouws (Stellenbosch), Prof. Dr. Carolin Müller-Spitzer (IDS) and Wiebke Blanck (EMLex office) as well as the EMLex students Silke Bomber and Polina Solonets.