Survey among EMLex students on the EMLex Masters course

In October 2017, the coordinator sent a questionnaire to the students of the 2nd intake that addressed the students’ expectations towards the EMLex Masters course. They were asked to answer one simple question: “What do you expect of the EMLex Masters course?”. Thus, the students were able to answer freely and set their individual focus on aspects they found relevant. The questionnaire specified that the answer should not exceed three sentences.

14 students out of 19 replied. Their answers can be summarized as follows: Besides topics relating to the Masters course itself (“creation of dictionaries”, “current research on dictionaries”, “dictionary usage”, “dictionary use”), the improvement of language skills (German, English and the national languages of the universities involved) was mentioned most frequently. The internationality of the EMLex programme was mentioned relatively often (“get to know students from different cultures”, “obtain an international Master”, “make international friends”, “reinforce cultural awareness”, “experience an international study atmosphere”). Besides, the following was included: “travel during studies”, “attend conferences and colloquia”, “get to know basic knowledge of computer science”, “develop individual and professional contacts”, “acquire attractive career opportunities“, “create the necessary conditions for a doctorate fellowship”.