EMLex students participate in lexicographic projects

Various parts of the recently published second volume of the Dictionnaire Etymologique Roman (Romance Etymological Dictionary) were authored by EMLex graduates:

(1) In the theoretical part, Marie-Thérèse Kneib from the Jerónimo Cardoso class published part of her Master’s dissertation in form of a chapter entitled (in English translation) “The DERom explained to non specialist readers who are gifted with a healthy curiosity” (163-218).

(2) In the lexicographic part, Louis Albrecht from the Sarmiento class authors two articles he compiled in the context of his Master’s dissertation: Proto-Romance */’mErul-a/ f.n. and */’mErl-u/ m.n. ‘blackbird’ (458-462). As for Annalena Hütsch from the Hausmann class, she participated, in the context of an in-depth class at her home university, in compiling the very complex article dedicated to Proto-Romance */’Bad-e-/ intr. v. ‘to go; to engage in an action; to fulfil an action in a continuous manner’ (382-397).


Picture of the book cover